July 31, 2009

No Please, No Land Phone Anymore

(Not so) Important News:

On Friday, July 31, The Financial Express Reports:

Around 1150 telephone lines of Moghbazar exchange went out of order because of cable theft, a BTCL press release said Thursday.

A large quantity of cable was stolen from BTV centre, west Rampura, Ulanbazar and east Hazipara areas on the night of July 27.

Are you worried? I am not.

If such situation took place a few years back, it might hit me as a Breaking News but not now. Land Line has lost its glory for long time. I can still remember, I have to wait for months to get
a connection from BTTB (Now BTCL), when a new connection worth Tk.18000. At that time people were ready to pay even Tk. 50000 as bribe for one single telephone connection.

Whenever my telephone line went out of order, I had to visit the local BTTB office multiple times to find out where the problem was and whether anyone was working with that or not? Most of the times, BTTB employees were bad tampered, less cooperative and always looked for bribe for any kind of response. Seems like they were the king of the world who can do anything they wish.

But things have changed significantly over the year. ‘Time you old Gypsy Man’ has done its tricks. Land phone is no longer a lucrative offer to anyone. Mobile phone has taken the place for some times. With reduce charges, mobile phone almost completely removed land phone from our daily life. Tough time for land phone operators now, even BTCL’s offer of land line connections at no cost had any effect to change the situation much.

I can’t even remember when I last utilized a land phone to call someone. At the same time even I didn’t receive any. Actually, Now a days, Land Phone is no match with features of Mobile phones (not to mention, few hundreds of them, everybody knows). More over hazard of land phones and system loss has not done any good.

Now, Just a quick poll.

Did You Use Land Phone in Last 24 Hours?


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