July 1, 2009

BTCL Plans Optical Fiber for Countryside

BTCL will grant land line connections at no cost for three months from Wednesday (July 1, 2009), and waive line rental charges in a bid to enhance connectivity in countryside, telecommunications minister Raziuddin Ahmed Razu said Tuesday.

Optical fiber connections will also be installed at the upazila and village level to promote cyber café and call centre businesses to be set up; creating employment opportunities too, the minister told a press conference at the ministry.

The free land line connections will be provided on a first-come first-served basis over the next three months,
although the deal will not be accessible in areas with no exchanges.

He said the latest BTCL call rate of 30 paisa per minute will also come into effect from July 1, while other operators will have a rate of 65 paisa per minute. The new call rate will be inclusive of monthly line rental, which will effectively be waived for all BTCL users from Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the government will spend $211 million to expand state-owned Teletalk's mobile phone network across the country.

According to the Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, BTCL has an estimated 872,000 customers, while Teletalk has 11 lakh customers countrywide.


Anonymous said...

Both BTCL & Teletalk network expansion/upgrade hinges on the granting of a chiense loan which has been under discussion for months if not years!

Hasina needs to go to Bejing with her begging bowl to finalise it ASAP.

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