July 31, 2009

Telecom Brings Highest FDI

Telecommunication topped the list of sectors to fetch the highest amount of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the country during the January-June period of fiscal year 2007-08, said the latest Bangladesh Bank survey.

The country received a total of $483.66 million FDI during the period against $381.34 million in fiscal 2006-07, marking a 26.78 growth, according to the survey released yesterday.

During the period, telecommunication sector fetched $210.68 million, which is an 87.5 percent rise from $112.66 million pumped in the sector in the same period of fiscal year 2006-07.

Banking sector received $119.58 million during the time,
which is a 183.33 percent increase from $42.74 million inflow during the same period of fiscal 2006-07.

Investment in textile and garment sector was $55.41 million that marked a 14.1 percent decrease compared to $64.34 million in the previous fiscal year.

FDI inflow in power sector remained almost static during the time as the sector fetched $16.15 million against $16.80 million a year ago.

Other sectors pulled in $20.20 million, while the amount was $ 25.78 million in the previous fiscal year.


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