August 1, 2009

TeleTalk to Introduce 3G Service, in Two Years!!

Last May, BTCL made announcement (or joke!!) for start providing WiMAX connection by July-August. It’s already August, and sign of their presence has not shown yet; as it should be. WiMAX network is not a matter of three to four months. Such massive deployment requires months of testing before ready to be brought into the real life. But as no money require for talking, why not do that?

Also, Government owned TeleTalk, revealed their plan to deploy 3G networks, targeting 1.5 million customers. Thank God, they didn’t announce any target deadline like BTCL. Otherwise, by now we might have the first 3G experience in Bangladesh. Anyways, 3G is almost an obsolete technology now, and with LTE knocking at the door steps, even private mobile phone operators are not interested in deploying 3G.

Delay to issue 3G Licenses in Bangladesh, confirmed its death before even it born. Now, even if TeleTalk wants to deploy 3G,
due to bureaucracy and other bottle necks, it will take time, and by that time LTE will be ready, fully. So, I don’t understand why we need to waste national resources in such projects.

But of no use; according to the BSS reports, while talking to the news agency, Managing Director of TeleTalk Mujibur Rahman said that an agreement with China in this regard would be signed soon. The works on expansion of network for connectivity of 55 lakh mobiles would be completed within two years after availability of financial assistance, he said. The cost of the project is estimated as USD 211 million.

However, China proposed to provide financial assistance for this at the China-Bangladesh Joint Economic Commission meeting at Beijing on Thursday, a reliable source of Post and Telecommunication Ministry said.

At present, mobile phone operators in the country are running with 2.5G technology.

TeleTalk is also planning to introduce a new package for students and going to set up mobile network newly at 21 upazilas in Chittagong Hill Tracts within next three months. The constructions of all infrastructure and technical works have already been completed, according to the TeleTalk official.


Kashif said...

of those 211 million, 100 million will go to the pockets of our dear leaders... Don't really know how relevant 3G technology is to our country.. Maybe no too much.

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