August 3, 2009

Info Lady

Kashif Choudhury - Sometimes, to move a country forward it takes a stroke of genius. I found one example of that today in the Daily Star newspaper, in a report titled 'Info Lady: A rural troubleshooter'.

Info Ladies are women who receive specialized training and necessary equipment and travel around villages and rural areas by cycle to connect the rural poor with resources they need to better their lives and solve their problems. Villages in Gaibandha, Noakhali and Satkhira districts have as many as 24 of such people working. They are mostly women because they have more privileges in entering houses than men.

The info lady concept originally came from the
mobile lady initiative developed by It is sponsored by the 'Manusher Jonno' NGO.

The info lady carries a laptop, internet modem, head phone, digital camera, photo printer and a mobile phone with her. She provides services such as help line service, commercial phone service, livelihood information and knowledge service, international and local voice calls, video and animation services and internet based information services are among the services the info lady provides. People like these have already helped thousands of villagers tackle problems such as how to grow crops better, how to return their livestock to full health and such.

I think we can move forward by doing our part. We can start by donating our unused or old computers to NGOs who will then use it to connect rural areas to the internet and provide other digital services.

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