October 17, 2009

Qubee Starts Wimax services

Qubee has officially started operations from today and have started to offer customers their service. There are two packages on offer currently. 512 kbps connection for 3400 takas a month that has a 6 GB monthly usage limit and a 1 mbps connection for 6200 taka which has a 9 GB monthly usage limit and the modem will cost you 7000 taka.

This is not the affordable service that was promised by qubee, but still its a start. The biggest letdown is the limit on data transfers. But it is upto how much you use the internet for. Still, it looks
like we are going to have to hang on to our cable internet connections for a little while still. I hope when Banglalion comes out, the charges will reduce because of the competition.

Also, they should offer 128 kbps and 256 kbps connections at reduced prices.

Qubee is going to show off how fast it is in some places throughout Dhaka. You can get more details of this in their website.

Qubee's services are currently available in most of the major parts of Dhaka. You can get details about this also on the website.

What do you think about the connection prices? Are you going to use it? What are your expectations? Leave your comments in the section below.


Sunny said...

This is just bullshit. We have unlimited internet now provide by many operators throughout our country. The thing we need is speed. Qubee is providing that to some extent but why they are restricting the usage i have no idea. Even the Citycell idiots are also doing that. What is the use of internet if we can't download a movie or two everyday?

I had so much expectation from qubee and they have let me down. I hope they will soon provide a reasonable product and price.

Hamidur said...

Just a quick comment, don't have much time to calculate.. But roughly if 512 kbps guranteed with 6 Gb Download limit.. little close to 27 hours for a month. For 1 Mbps with 9 Gb that is even worse.. may be 20 hours or so. Too expensive in Bangladesh context.. Wake up Qubee.. This is not for common people....

Anonymous said...

They are maddd!

Asif said...

Something still seems fishy..is the speed 512 kb (kilobit) or KB(kilobyte)per second? And about the price rate, these are just nothing but bullshits. We should reject them to show that we are not bound to use such damn things...rather, they are bound to provide the service.

amin faiz said...

well, why r people feeling upset now and not when wimax is "auctioned" by BTRC years earlier? they could have done it for free or at fixed price. the fact that these companies are willing to do business is pretty amazing after paying a hefty fee to BTRC and in a restricted country like bangladesh where internet is not really internet and more like a govt run network (like pre-internet in 1970s ARPANET when US Public universities and govt NSF ran the network).
its not their fault that they can't provide a proper broadband. its not in their hand.

Anonymous said...

There should be no download limit.. And we want internet at 600-700tk. Modem's price should be 3000tk. I don't think they'll get customers with those wierd packages. Rural people will beat them if they offer such packages in rural area.. And by the way, what the F is govt doing. They should control the tariff.

Hamidur said...

@ Asif - It should be kbps (kilo bit per second)not kilobyte.
@ Amin Faiz - You are absolutely right. Offered price of Qubee is high, no question about that..But they are not the only party to be blamed.. The whole WiMAX procedure initiated by BTRC and price of internet by BTCL should also be questioned. And Again, they are here for the business but not for the charity.

QuickestSilver said...

The offeres packages are totally off the scale. No way we should start using that while we can get better offer from the existing BB services without any cost for modems and no download limits. there are other issues too. I heard that the wimax technology the 2 companies are using can not be used when the model is in motion. ERGO, no connection when you are moving vehicle and trying the wimax to access the internet. we don't know if their services are full duplex or half duplex. Full duplex will allow you upload while you are downloading without any loss(sharing with the upload speed) of download speed.
We don't know if they will allow the users to download with torrent and magnet clients.

I juat don't know how do they even think that they will even get a market share with "THAT" sort of competitive DISADVANTAGES that they are bragging about in their promotions.

PS: 64KBps [KB = kilobyte] line with Full Duplex capability is available with a monthly charge of less than TK 2,000/- Installation cost is there. But, it is no more than TK 3,000/-

sadmanh said...

well actually i'm already using Qubee, apparently they've reduced the momed to 4000 tk, & introduced another package at 256 kbps, the fees for the 512kbps packa is also lower by a 1000 tk, problem is, they have to pay VAt which increase the fees, & the download speed isn't that high ( with my connection anyway ) the speeds they are bragging about are just the browsing speed. Oh & also, I don't know how it works for the other packages, but my 256kbps pakcakge has a limit of 280GB, that's way more than most of us will use in a month.

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