September 27, 2009

Ray of Hope for Wimax Bangladesh

Mohammad Kashif Choudhury

The promise of fast broadband connection through wimax technology has got a lot of people excited. The companies concerned, Banglalion and Augere have promised to start providing coverage by the end of 2009.

In this article I will be concentration on Qubee. Sounds like a funny name but this is actually what Augere has decided to name its venture. Augere is currently also present in Pakistan. The website in Bangladesh is called and the one for Pakistan is Currently, the Bangladeshi version doesn't have any information about connection prices or coverage area, but Qubee has already started operations in Pakistan and you can go to their website and see the packages in some detail. Apparently, they are only providing corporate customers service but they promise to bring out the packages for home customers as well soon. Whats interesting in the Pakistan version of the website is that they have a section (at the bottom right of the home page) that gives a hint on the speed they provide. It compares 56 kbps, 512 kbps and 1 mbps speeds in a cool flash animation. Now, even if its a distant dream, seeing 1 mbps so close to home brings a smile to your face !!! Go ahead, check it out yourself.

Up till this point, there is no news of the completion of Wimax testing, but hopefully there will be some news soon. Share your thoughts and hopes for the roll out of Wimax in the comments section below.


Anonymous said...

Augere has launched their product but thats also funny.... 512 kbps monthly 6 gb limit.... isn't it funny???

Anonymous said...

Ya, your right.I also wrote on that, its coming. 512 kbps for 3200 taka and 6 GB limit. Crazy idiots. The download cap of 6 GB is the biggest letdown.

Anonymous said...

Only shitheads will get it.

jash said...

it doesnt seem that they want to make business here!

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