August 5, 2009

Only 80 Thousand Crore, That’s Nothing!!

The sub-committee of the parliamentary standing committee on post and telecommunication ministry has said they will investigate the matter of predicted cost for establishments by the now defunct BTTB at every upazila of the country. Initially cost is estimated to be more than Taka one lakh crore. But according to the report of a World Bank-guided team, the cost is only Taka 20 thousand crore!!!!

The parliamentary watchdog will also inquire into the corruption and irregularities at the post and telecommunication ministry during the 2001-2008 periods.

The committee is pondering over finding out a way on how to make an integrated company with Bangladesh Tele
Communications Company Ltd. (BTCL), Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company Ltd. (BSCCL) and TeleTalk Bangladesh Ltd.

"If an integrated company can be formed with those three companies then the existing organogram of Board of Governors of the companies will be changed. One chairman will be appointed in place of present three directors. And there will be an 11-member executive committee, which will include three MPs," chief of the sub-committee Abdul Kuddus said while briefing journalists following a meeting yesterday.

The committee observed that handing over government organizations to private ownership was not a wise decision (!!??!) and it was also an unwise decision to set up three companies dividing the now defunct BTTB. So the committee has recommended enacting law to prohibit the government from handing over the BTCL to private ownership. Besides, the committee is also thinking on how to make the BTCL time befitting, he added.


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