June 6, 2009

The wonders of RSS Feeds

Kashif Choudhury -- It’s a fast moving world. Especially when it comes to news on the internet. It is very hard to keep track of them without always sitting in front of a computer. When you open your computer, you have to go to all of your favorite websites and manually read the updates that were made while you was offline. This can be quite tiring as the internet connections in our country are quite slow. What if you didn't have to do this? Well there are utilities that do just that. They are called RSS readers.

No matter how long you have been away from your computer, when you log on, it automatically gathers all the updates that were made to the websites you specified.

There are quite a few good RSS readers out there, all free. Some of them are:

FeedReader 3: This is a basic reader with good functionality. Its a straight forward rss gathering program that gets the job done without much fuss. You tell it what sites to keep track of and the next time you open the program, it downloads all the headlines and presents them to you in an orderly manner. This also happens to be the one I like best.

FeedDemon 2: This program has a lot of features. It also has a very good looking user interface. Its like the supermodel sister of FeedReader. But the interface can be a bit confusing if all you want to do is stay up to date with your favourite websites. You can also check out version 3 which is still in Beta.

KlipFolio: offers a unique RSS experience, giving you a personal dashboard that you can customize with news headlines, your favorite blogs, weather feeds, and tons of other information. The program sits on the side of your desktop and it's skinnable so you can customize it to your style.


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