April 11, 2010

Power Crisis Cripples Life, ICT Severely Affected

The serious crisis of water, gas and electricity has heightened the agony of city dwellers inducing annoyance and displeasure among public mind. The continual power & gas crisis have already overwhelmed life all over the country. Moreover shortage in supply of water just added icing on the cake in increasingly hot weather.

Persisting gas crisis against the demand is the main reason for nagging electricity crisis as the country's 85 per cent electricity is produced through gas-fired power plants. Farmers in several places are going for demonstration to raise their concern as boro cultivation is seriously hampered by frequent power failure.

Students across the country, especially candidates of public examinations, are in total disarray due to electricity crisis. In addition, almost 30 percent of the production in the export-oriented garment factory has declined because of
the shortage of power and gas. Capital Dhaka is experiencing power outage half of the day daily and as of today remedies for such crisis is still unknown.

ICT sector is severely affected due to the presence of inconsistent electricity. Mobile/ PSTN operators, ISP’s and other supporting organizations are passing hard time to ensure uninterrupted service. In many places, engineers are continuously on the move with their portable generators to keep people connected. But still, with 11 to 12 hours of power outage, general public has very little time to get the benefits of such efforts.

The people of the country are really in great crisis, despite all promising and ear chilling expressions from the government. They do believe that a country free from all crises like water, gas and electricity can only bring government’s dream of Digital Bangladesh to reality. Without the basic needs fulfilled, glory to achieve Digital Bangladesh will be in distant. To step forward, we need to stand firm. Thus the government should pay attention on the core crisis of the people on an emergency basis.


Kashif said...

I agree completely. The situation is getting way out of hand and something has to be done soon.

Anonymous said...

its being done actually, while the govt says it take yrs to build new power plants, some guy in Gazipur the producing electricity for 15,000 homes some sort of crop( its a cheap one, cant exactly remember the name) & he claims he can setup similar power plants in just 3 months !

habib said...


Nice writing on Power Crisis Cripples Life, ICT Severely Affected.


masaud said...


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