March 26, 2010

Research and Markets: Bangladesh - Internet Market

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Bangladesh - Internet Market" report to their offering.

The Internet came late to Bangladesh with connectivity in 1996. In the last few years it has grown dramatically, although obviously from a very low base. With an estimated Internet user base of more than 700,000 by end-2009, representing only a 0.4% user penetration, the local Internet industry has been preparing to move into the next stage of its development. As this report demonstrates, however, the country must work hard to overcome obstacles associated with the countrys lowly economic status and still developing infrastructure, not least of which being an indifferent,
bureaucratic government. The report also looks briefly at very early signs of broadband Internet in Bangladesh and its first moves into WiMAX services.

Key Topics Covered: 1. Synopsis 2. Internet market 2.1 Overview 2.1.1 Internet statistics 2.1.2 Constraints on Internet growth 2.1.3 Censorship 2.2 Village Computer and Internet Program 2.3 International Internet Gateway (IIG) licences 2.4 ISP market 2.4.1 Overview 2.4.2 BTTBs ISP service 2.4.3 Grameen Cybernet 2.4.4 Integrated Services Network 2.4.5 InTech Online 2.4.6 AlwaysOn 2.5 Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) 3. Broadband market 3.1 Overview 3.2 Wireless broadband 3.2.1 WiMAX licences 3.3 Fibre-to-the-Home (FttH) 4. Regulation 4.1 Cyber laws 4.2 National ICT Policy - 2009 5. Related reports

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