March 16, 2010

Internet Telephony Services Launch In Bangladesh

Internet service providers (ISP) in Bangladesh entered the era of IP (Internet Protocol) telephony on Tuesday following 18 local ISPs formally launched their operations of commercial internet telephony services in the country.

"As a result of this new service, anyone with an internet connection can make phone calls through an wide array of devices including ATA devices, USB phones, IP phones, Wi-Fi IP phones, SIP enabled cell phones or merely through soft phones on the desktop or laptop PCs"- President of Internet Service Providers' Association of Bangladesh (ISPAB) Akhtaruzzaman Manju told AHN Media in the capital, Dhaka after lunching such operation.

Mr. Manju also said: "They can make or receive calls from
anywhere in Bangladesh using their IP phone to a mobile or PSTN numbers. Although, there are some policy restrictions on making phone calls to another IP connections or another computer and there are also some restrictions on using the same service from abroad or for making international calls".

In 2009, the regulatory body gave the green light to the local ISPs for providing the IP telephony services in the country, ending a 10 year long wait. Accordingly, a total of 22 companies took the license for IPTSP, out of which, 18 ISPs went to IP telephony operation on the day.


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