September 8, 2009

Blackberry in Bangladesh

Kashif Choudhury -- In 1999, the advent of the Blackberry phone by Research in Motion (RIM) shook the world. It was the first time that people could stay in touch with their e-mails whether for business or personal reasons. It was called push to talk e-mail and people couldn't get enough of it. The mobile phones are still at the cutting edge of technology, but now there are a lot more players than before.

GrameenPhone launched these devices back in January 2008 and according to The Daily Star, they have managed to sell 3000 of these devices. That might seem like a low number, but that is because
GrameenPhone offers these phones only on special contracts to high end customers who also have to pay to have 24 internet connection on these devices. Obviously.

Once upon a time this was technology that was beyond reach of most folks, but nowadays smart phones as they are called have come down in price significantly and there are a lot of phones that can do the same things the Blackberry can for a fraction of the price. You just have to tweak the settings a little bit. Now even us Bengalis can have a GPRS enabled phone and a 24 hour internet package (which costs about 900 Taka a month) and accomplish the same thing. Its amazing to see what difference ten years can make!!


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