June 8, 2009

Set Up a Laptop Security System

Kashif Choudhury -- Nowadays, in Bangladesh, an increasing number of people own laptops due to their increased accessibility and reduced prices. But there are risks that come with the portability. But never fear, you can set up a software security system on your laptop with free software designed to deter thieves and to recover laptops.

For example, Laptop Alarm, when switched on, will set off a loud alarm if anyone unplugs your power cord, moves your mouse, or tries to shut down your computer. And since no security system is complete without a security camera, try Yawcam, a free app that turns your laptop's Webcam into a motion-sensing security camera capable of uploading photos of potential thieves to the FTP server of your choice (given that your computer is connected to the internet ofcourse).

Last but not least, the free LaptopLock utility focuses on retrieval and extra security for stolen laptops. With LaptopLock you can delete files, encrypt data, and log the IP address of your stolen laptop--all remotely.

But probably the most useful one to us will be the Free application BtProx which monitors the range of your computer (laptop or desktop) to your cell phone (with Bluetooth turned on) or other Bluetooth devices, and automatically locks the computer when the phone goes out of range. When you walk away from your laptop with your cell phone in your pocket, for example, the computer will automatically lock--protecting its contents from sneaking eyes while you're not there.

In addition, you can arrange for BtProx to launch any application at the same time that it issues the lock command--so you could automatically lock your PC and turn on your laptop security system when you walk away from the machine.

NOTE: For some of the applications, an internet connection is necessary, but with wireless internet from Grameenphone, Citycell and a few others, its cheaper than ever and a lot of people are already connected. And nowadays, almost all laptops come with Bluetooth capability.


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