June 1, 2009

Nokia email Phone: Opening a new era

Nokia will be opening the door to information, entertainment, family and friends, by bringing the Internet closer to reality in emerging markets with the introduction of new phones and solutions, particularly Ovi Mail, according to senior Nokia officials.

“Globally, mobile devices are used by four billion people,” says Prem Chand, General Manager, Emerging Asia, Nokia, adding that two out of three people in the world have access to a mobile device. “I believe the mobile phone will be the fourth screen,” he said, explaining that the first screen is the cinema, while the second and third are the television and the computer screens, respectively. He was speaking at launch of Ovi Mail and new Internet enabled phones at a Nokia media road show for Emerging Markets in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

In today’s world it is necessary to be connected and have access to the Internet. East Asia however has one of the lowest Internet penetration rates in Asia. The number of Internet users in Bangladesh is 0.5 million, in Nepal is 0.397 million, in Sri Lanka 0.77 million and India 8.1 million. The Internet penetration in Bangladesh is 0.30%, in Nepal 1.40%, in Sri Lanka 3.70%, and in India is 7.10% (as a % of total population).

The number of computers per 100 inhabitants in Bangladesh is 2.42, 3.54 in Sri Lanka and Nepal 0.49. Nokia officials say this is where mobile Internet comes in, as it paves the way towards affordable and convenient access to the Internet. Nokia’s solution to this is their email offering, that of
Ovi Mail, which allows you to access email directly through the mobile. This service is supported on all Nokia Series 40 devices, a personal computer (PC) is not required and it has a simple three-step set up, where one would follow set up directions, create a user name and finally create one’s own email address.

The latest devices offered by Nokia which will be email enabled will be the Nokia 2330 and the 2323 Classic. The former would be priced at US$ 60 while the latter will be US$ 50 and released in the market by June this year. The third quarter of this year will see the Nokia 2730 Classic in the market – a 3G phone for US$ 110


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