June 9, 2009

Aktel: TM International Became Axiata

Today morning, I got a message from Aktel. Here it is

" Dear Customer, Tm International (Bd) Ltd (AKTEL) is now Axiata (Bangladesh) Limited (AKTEL). Please contact us for any further queries. "

As I had no idea about this change, it was quite astonishing for me. However, I searched the web about Axiata and from their website get some idea about them. Quoting some lines from Axiata Media releases about changing their identity.

Axiata Group Berhad Marks Major Milestone With Unveiling of New Brand Identity - AXIATA Committed to Advancing Asia -->[ 2 April 2009 ]-->

KUALA LUMPUR, Thursday, April 2, 2009 – Axiata Group Berhad, formerly TM International Berhad (TMI), today unveiled its new company name and logo–. The new name and logo marks a major milestone in the company’s history and signifies its presence as a key regional player in the mobile telecommunications market. The rebranding exercise,
which has been planned since its demerger from Telekom Malaysia Berhad in April 2008, will further establish Axiata as an independent regional identity with its own distinct aspirations and strategies. Following the demerger, Axiata has developed into one of the largest mobile players in South East Asia with nearly 90 million customers across 10 countries. "

And here are few lines from
Aktel Website

" AKTEL was incorporated on 15 November 1997 as a Joint Venture company between Axiata (70%) and AK Khan & Co. (30%). The AK Khan Group recently completed the sale of its entire shareholding of 30% in AKTEL to NTT DoCoMo. The company operates GSM 900 and 1800 cellular services under a 15-year license granted in November 1996. "


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