May 7, 2009

Workshop on Mobile Broadband Quality of Service Experience, Colombo 2009

LIRNEasia has been involved in Broadband QoSE research since 2007, but the focus so far was largely on fixed broadband. With the recent expansion of 3G and WiMAX networks in different countries, it is the right time to start Mobile Broadband QoSE testing research phase. With this view in mind LIRNEasia arranged a Workshop on Mobile Broadband Quality of Service Experience (QoSE) measuring approaches on 30th April at Taj Samudra Hotel, Colombo Sri Lanka. This one‐day workshop marks the beginning of the process of developing a methodology/tool to test mobile broadband QoSE. Wide range of participants representing regulators, telecom operators, users and also partners in the broadband QoSE testing/benchmarking research from Sri Lanka, UK, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Maldives were present in the workshop. I was there as a representative from Bangladesh.

This was a brainstorming workshop. Participants contributed their experiences and views on testing Mobile broadband QoSE. A list of key questions was developed to facilitate this
  • From a quality perspective, is Mobile BB different from Fixed BB? If so how?
  • Should we focus on the same quality parameters as in the case of Fixed BB (throughput, latency and packet loss) or should we use a different set? For example, should we test throughput on the move and/or changing from one cell to another? Should such parameters specifically defined with related to Mobile BB? (eg RTT vs. Mobile RTT)
  • Is Mobile BB quality technology‐dependent to the extent that testing cannot be technology neutral?
  • In Mobile BB, what should be tested – link from handset to operator or (as in case of Fixed BB) link to the cloud, or both?
  • Should testing be done using a handset? Can PC simulation be used?
  • Does the type of handset significantly affect the quality? (In Fixed BB testing we treat PCs as equivalent) If, so how do we take this factor into account? (NB: This point is different from 3)
  • Do we have any tools for Mobile BB testing? If yes, do they cover all aspects discussed above? If no, will it be feasible to develop a single universal tool?
  • How should the regulators ensure quality delivery? Should the process be different from that for Fixed BB?
  • Will users play the same vital role in Mobile BB testing, as in Fixed BB?
  • Should the advertising standards in Mobile BB differ from those in Fixed BB?


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